DIY batman mask and cape

Superhero party coming up? Make this easy batman mask + cape!

Whether you’re making Christmas presents, looking for some indoor play on a rainy day or that school dress-up day snuck up on you – this batman mask and cape will fit the bill! It’s quick and easy to make, looks great and wears well.

How to make the batman mask and cape

What you’ll need:

  • Felt in black and yellow
  • Black polar fleece (you could use any soft fabric here)
  • Black soft elastic
  • Batman mask + cape template
  • Ruler, scissors and pins
  • Sewing machine – with black thread

Making the felt batman mask

This is one of the quickest masks you’ll ever make! Simply cut out two felt pieces using the paper template and sew them together with an elastic band. It’s really that easy. But let’s look at this step by step…

Print out the template at 100%, or to ‘fit the paper’ (rather than to fit the printable area). To cut out your mask pieces, you can either fold the felt in half and just cut once, or you can pin the paper template on twice and cut separate pieces. Either way works just fine. Place one on top of the other and pin them together.

Next you need to cut a length of elastic. You can measure your child’s head to get the best fit or, if that’s not possible, I measure 34cm for a fairly standard fit. Fits the kids and it (almost) fits me! I always use a soft knitted elastic; this type stretches the easiest. Basically, just don’t choose woven, it’s too firm. This description on different types of elastic by Melly Sews goes into more detail if you’re interested.

Pin the ends of the elastic in between your two pieces of felt, approximately 1.5cm above the bottom. Now sew the felt and elastic all into place, sewing a straight line just inside the edge of the fabric.

Cutting out the eyes for your batman mask

Place the paper template back over the mask and use your chalk to mark out the eye holes. I always sew these first, before cutting. I just find it more forgiving, than trying to sew close to the edge. Sew a line around each eye, a mm or two outside of the eye. And then cut out the eye shape.

Creating the batman emblem

Moving on now to the emblem that we’ll put on the cape. Cut out the paper templates from page two, and then use these to cut out a black bat and a yellow background. Place the bat in the center of the background, pin in place and then sew it in place.

Making the batman cape

And just like that we’re on the home stretch. To make the cape, take a piece of polar fleece that is 80cm long and 60 cm wide. Fold it in half lengthways and mark out 20cm from the folded edge (we want to make the cape a little narrower at the top). Draw a straight line from this point to the bottom outer edge and trim off the excess.

Next, we want to make the famous batman scallops along the bottom of the cape. Fold the bottom edge in half, and then in half again, so that you have four layers. Make a chalk mark in the middle of this about 5cm up the cape and then draw a semi-circle from edge to edge, up to this mark. It might be easier to look at the photo for this! And cut out the semi-circle shape. It’s better to err on the side of caution and cut slightly inside the shape, so you don’t accidently cut one of the points too short. You can always tidy up a point that’s not “pointy” enough, but you can’t lengthen a shortened point.

Finishing off the cape

Two more steps and we’re done. First, place the batman emblem in the middle of the cape, about 30cm from the top. Sew this into place, still using black thread in your sewing machine. And then cut a second length of elastic. This one can be around 22cm. Pin each end to the top edges of the cape and sew these in place, I’ve just sewn a square around where they overlap.

And you’re finished! Now, that didn’t take long at all, did it?

Your batman mask and cape are now finished, and I promise your kids will love this! Watch your little ones become superheroes right before your eyes!

The finished batman mask and cape.

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