Easter Bunny Baskets

Get obsessed with this cheeky DIY easter bunny basket (+ free template)!

Have you ever found yourself running around an easter egg hunt and nowhere to stash your goodies? Don’t ever get caught out again with this adorable Easter bunny basket. Once you’ve learnt a few basic stitches, you’ll be able to whip these up in no time. Plus, it’s easy to make a few simple variations so there are no fights over whose is whose. I’ve got you covered!

How to make an Easter bunny basket

What you’ll need for the Easter bunny basket

  • Felt in three colours (grey, white/cream and pink)
  • Easter bunny basket template
  • Embroidery thread in grey and cream
  • Sewing thread in black
  • Buttons x2
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors, needle and fabric chalk
  • Pink colouring pencil (optional).

This is a good chance to use up some of your craft supplies that might have been sitting around awhile gathering dust. It’s also a great chance to practice a few different stitches! Check out my post here on basic stitches for felt projects if you need a more indepth guide.

Let’s start with the basket

Print out the Easter bunny basket template and cut out the basket base and side template. Pin these to the grey felt and cut out your felt pieces, you just need just one of each. Next, take a length of your grey embroidery thread, thread your needle with one end and tie a knot in the other. We’ll start by using a blanket stitch to join the basket base to the side. Line up the long edge of the ‘basket side’ with the top of the circle and begin a blanket stitch. As you make more stitches, you’ll need to realign the edges, pulling the base up a little each time. As you go around the edge, the base will naturally curve inwards to accommodate for this.

Stitching the sides of your Easter bunny basket

Once the base is attached, trim the edges of the basket side so that they will sit flush. It’s a good idea to start with the side a little longer, because you can always trim some off but it’s not so easy to make it longer! When the sides are flush, pinch them back together and use a simple whip stitch up the side. At the top, make a little knot and thread your needle back down through the first few stitches on the inside before trimming your thread.

Now gently pull the basket sides apart so that they sit flat.

Making the handle for the Easter bunny basket

Before we get started on the handle, let’s take a moment to appreciate the humble button jar. I consider myself lucky to be the current owner of this glorious jar, handed down to me from my mother-in-law, who was handed it down by her mother (maybe not the jar itself, but certainly the collection of buttons!). We are not the first, and won’t be the last custodians of this collection, but I love its history and I’m always looking for ways to get these eclectic beauties back into circulation. This Easter bunny basket is one of those ways!

Button jar.

Onto the handle…

Using the paper template (or just measure a rectangle 10 inches by 1 inch), cut two handle pieces out of the grey felt. Sew these together on the sewing machine, about 2mm in from the edge to make a robust strap. If you are using thicker felt, you can skip this step. Then simple hand stitch the sides into place, by sewing the button over top of the handle on both sides.

Making the cheeky sneaky bunny

Use the templates to cut out the rest of your pieces – one of each face piece and the two paws out of your white/cream felt, and two pink inner ears. Using your fabric chalk (or you can use a disappearing ink pen), mark out where the eyes and nose will go. Here, I have used a black pen so that can clearly see what I’m doing, but don’t use anything permanent yourself!

Using your sewing thread, use a back stitch to create the eyes and nose. You can also use a pink colouring pencil to draw in some little flushed cheeks.

Next, using white/cream embroidery thread (whichever matches your felt), use a running stitch to attach the inner ears to the bunny face. And finally, use the blanket stitch to attach the two face pieces together. This adds a bit of decoration and robustness, as well as giving a decent tab of felt to glue inside the basket.

Attaching the bunny to the basket

And that is our last step – gluing our bunny into place. Plug in your hot glue and get it heating, and then cut out your little bunny paws from the cream felt. Then simply glue a line of hot glue around the edge of the lower part of the bunny – on the front – and glue it to the inside of the basket. Glue the little paws on top, overlapping the bunny face just a little.

Need to make some changes?

Want a bigger easter bunny basket?

If this cute basket isn’t gonna cut it for your easter egg hunts, it’s really easy to customise. Simply cut out a circle the size you want your base and measure around the outside of it. Add an inch on to this, although if you are going a lot bigger, add two inches just to be sure. Sewing around the base pulls in the fabric ever so slightly, and it can end up too small. Then take this number and make it the length of your basket edge. Once you have finished stitching around the base, you’ll trim the excess anyway so it’s always easier to be on the bigger side. The height of your basket can be whatever you want.

If your bigger basket needs a bigger bunny, you have two options. You can either draw a larger version by freehand, using the template as a guide. Or you can print the template to a larger scale (e.g. 150%).

Making multiple easter bunny baskets?

If you are making these for a wee gaggle of kids and you want to differentiate them so there’s no fighting over who belongs to which basket, there are options! You can obviously make different coloured baskets or bunnies, but you can also do more subtle changes. Different coloured inner ears, or different expressions would make a cute variation. Or even just different coloured buttons on the basket would do the trick.

Once you’re all set for the Easter egg hunt, why not have a go at this easy Easter bunny garland?

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