Easter bunny garland

Looking for easy easter decorations? Make this cute bunny garland

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love preparing for a holiday just as much as the holiday itself and stringing up this sweet easter bunny garland will be no different. These bunnies are a fun way to practice your blanket stitch and don’t take too much effort. You can also take it to the next level by adding some cute easter eggs, little chicks or some simple wooden balls in between each bunny.

How to make an easter bunny garland

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What you’ll need:

  • Felt – any colour/s you choose!
  • Threads to match or contrast (I’ve used DMC threads in 3722, 501, 3771, and 3750).
  • Easter decorations template
  • Craft fill (and something to stuff it in – I use a wooden chopstick)
  • String
  • Scissors, needle, pins and fabric chalk.

This bunny garland is a simple pattern, and you can either make all your bunnies the same colour or mix and match to suit your holiday theme. If you have a white room, why not try every colour of the rainbow? I’ve used threads to match my felt colour, but you could also use contrasting colours. Check out my post on felt alphabet letters to see how you can use one thread colour to suit a range of different felts.

Cut out your bunny pieces

Start by printing out the second page of the easter decorations template and choose the bunny size that suits your project. I’ve used the middle bunny🐰which is the smallest.

Cut out the template, pin it to your felt and draw around the template with your fabric chalk. You’ll need a darker chalk for the lighter coloured felt and white chalk for the darker felts, mine is a bit hard to see here! Then cut out two pieces for each bunny you’ll be making.

Begin stitching your bunny

Cut a long piece of embroidery thread – I’ve used around 120cm, but it’ll depend on the size of your bunny. Thread one end and tie a knot in the other. Starting from the feet, begin a blanket stitch to join the two pieces. If you need more detailed instructions for the blanket stitch, check out my post on basic stitches for felt projects.

And stuff with craft filling as you go.

Keep stitching until you have made your way around both ears, and then pause. Take your craft fill now and poke it up into the ears. I’ve used a wooden chopstick here, but anything narrow enough to stuff it in will work fine. Once the ears have been stuffed, continue stitching down the other side of the bunny. Once the face has been stitched, pause again and stuff the face, and then move on to the body. Keep stitching around the bottom of the second foot, leaving a gap of 1-2cm and fill the body too. Then just finish stitching across the bottom and tie off your thread. Thread the needle back through one of the fee and trim off the excess thread.

Let’s finish up with some whiskers.

To add some cute whiskers, take a short piece of thread and tie a knot about an inch in. Thread a needle on the other end and then thread this through the middle of the bunny head until the knot is flush with the head. Tie a second knot on the other side and trim the thread, leaving about an inch. The last step is to separate out the individual strands using your needle.

Want to up the cuteness on your bunny garland? Add a cute cottontail!

If you want to add a little something extra, it’s really easy to just pop on a tail. Take a white felt ball and cut it in half (you’ll need sharp scissors!). Then just grab your hot glue gun and attach it. I haven’t added tails here, but they’d be particularly cute if you were hanging just one or two bunnies.

Once you’ve made all of your easter bunnies, simply thread them on to a string and hang up!

Easter bunny garland.
The finished Easter bunny garland.

Once you’ve finished decorating your house with these cute bunnies, why not get ready for the Easter egg hunt with this fun Easter bunny basket?

Easter bunny basket

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