Felt eucalyptus leaves.

Easy eucalyptus leaves – another five minute craft

Eucalyptus leaves make a stylish statement on their own, or you can add them as a background leaf to lift any bouquet or felt project. To make them as life-like as possible, I grabbed some branches from my mum’s eucalyptus trees (she was pruning anyway, no leaves were unnecessarily hurt for these photos!). I used these to choose my felt colour, as well as getting the shape and size of the leaves spot on.

Using real eucalyptus leaves to choose the best felt colour.
Use real eucalyptus leaves to choose the best felt colour for your project.

What you’ll need:

  • Felt sheet in your chosen colour
  • Wire stems (I’ve used 24 gauge, 36cm long)
  • Ruler
  • Fabric chalk
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

How to make a eucalyptus leaf stem

All of the leaves are made in a similar way, so I’ll just show you the first one in detail below. The only difference is that the leaf at the very top of our wire stem will be pinched fully closed (the two halves touching completely), whereas for the lower leaves they’ll just be pinched in the middle, allowing the leaves to open wide.

Starting with our first leaf

Start by marking out a rectangle 2cm by 4cm. Cut this out, fold in half and cut a leaf shape out. The folded edge should still be fairly wide, coming up to a point at the open edge. I prefer to freehand these, rather than use a template, as it gives variation between leaves and which results in a more natural look. Make a small snip with your scissors in the middle of the folded edge, just enough to be able to push your wire stem through.

Rest the tip of the wire stem along one half of the leaf and run a thin line of hot glue along it. Press the two halves together and you have your first leaf.

We’ll do the same thing with the rest of the leaves now. As they get lower on the stem, the leaf size will be a little wider and longer. When you are placing the leaves on the stem, rotate each one a little so it’s different to the one above. Doing this sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot, will make for a more natural looking stem.

Making the next four sets of leaves

Let’s start with the top set of leaves. To make these, cut four rectangles all 3.5cm wide and 8cm long. Similar to the first leaf, fold the rectangle in half and cut out a leaf shape. These should very round, with just a little peak at the top (rather than a long slender leaf shape). Again, once you have your leaf shape, make a little snip in the centre of the folded edge and slide the leaf onto your wire stem. The first one will almost envelope the very top leaf, but of course will sit more open. As you get lower on the stem, place each leaf just a little further apart.

Making the bottom four set of eucalyptus leaves

For our next set of leaves, we’ll make them a little wider and longer for each one. You could make all four the same, and just a little larger than the first set, but I think the increasing size makes them look more lifelike. Here, I’ve made them the following sizes:

  • leaf #6 is 4cm by 8.5cm,
  • leaf #7 is 4cm by 9cm,
  • leaf #8 is 4.5cm by 10cm, and
  • leaf #9 is 5cm by 10cm.

What do you think, pretty close to the real thing? 🙂

Comparing real eucalyptus leaves to our felt eucalyptus leaves - not too different!

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