This easy DIY felt fairy wand is sure to be a hit with your little princess

With a little fairy dust, and a spray of shooting stars, this DIY fairy wand is sure to be a winner with the kids! Perfect for some weekend dress ups, party favours for the birthday or to jazz up a Harry Potter movie night.

At minimum, you just need some felt, thread and a stick. Then you can add little bits and pieces to brighten it up and really make it sparkle. Plus, this DIY fairy wand is quick and easy to make. With a little adult help, the kids can make them themselves.

Today we’ll make a fairy wand inspired by shooting stars in the night sky. 🤩

What you’ll need:

  • Felt sheets (I’ve chosen a range of shades from pale pink through to purple)
  • Embroidery threads (DMC 224, 327 and 3722)
  • Dowling sticks 15-20cm long (mine are 16cm long, with a diameter of 0.6cm)
  • Craft fill / stuffing
  • Star template
  • Scissors, needle and pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • (Optional) Beads and sewing thread
  • (Optional) Ribbons

You can use one colour, or a mix of complementary or contrasting shades for the felt and embroidery thread. I’ve used this dusky pink thread (DMC 224), a darker purple thread (DMC 327) and a darker pink (DMC 3722) that I’d already used on my Easter Bunny Garland.

How to make a DIY fairy wand

Start by cutting out the felt stars

For each shooting star wand, you’ll need two stars. Print out the star template and choose the size of star you want to use. Pin the paper template to the felt and cut out two pieces. For a bit of extra brightness, you could use two different colours so that the front and back are different!

Decorate the front piece first

Tip some seed beads into a dish so they are easy to grab, and stitch them on in a random sprinkling across the front piece. I have shimmery clear beads, so I’ve used a cream sewing thread. If you have coloured beads, you could colour match them, or just use a cream or black thread, depending on which stands out the least. Thread the needle with the sewing thread (30-40cm) and tie the two ends together so you have double thickness. This will ensure your beads stay on firmly.

Normally, when you are using embroidery thread and felt, a single knot is sufficient, but with sewing thread you’ll need to do at least a double, maybe a triple knot, at the end so it doesn’t pull through the felt. Also, you might need to use a thinner needle for this step to get the needle through the glass bead.

As an alternative to beads, you could use the embroidery thread to stitch little stars, or any other pattern you like.

Prepare the ribbons for the fairy wand

Cut three 8-inch lengths of ribbon in alternating colours. Pin them together at one end and snip the other end at a 45-degree angle. Very carefully use a lighter to seal the cut ends so they don’t fray. You only need to have the ribbon edge up close to the flame, not actually in it, so move slowly and carefully!

Now we are going to pin the ribbons in between the two felt pieces. Really, they could come out at any point, but I have made mine come out of the top point like a shooting star. Align the ribbon with one of the edges of the top point and pin into place.

Stitch the star of the fairy wand…

I’m using contrasting embroidery thread so the stitching stands out on these cute stars. Because I have five different star colours, I’ve used a few different threads (DMC 224, 327 and 3722). Begin a running stitch just to the right of the bottom of the star. Check out this post for more details on basic felt stitches – including the running stitch. We are leaving a little gap in the very middle for the fairy wand stick to be inserted. For the first stitch, bring the needle up through the top piece of felt only, so that the knot is hidden in the middle.

Use the fairy wand stick to check you are leaving enough space for it (but we’re not securing it just yet).

…And fill the star with craft fill

Stitch around four of the points and then push a little stuffing into the points. We’re not looking for a puffy star, just a little volume to make it look more 3D. Once you have filled the four points and a little in the middle, stitch around the fifth point and fill it a little just before you do your last few stitches.

Again, we need to stop a little before the end so there is a gap for the fairy wand to go up through the middle. Like the first stitch, we’ll take the last stitch back down through the top piece of felt only and tie a knot. Then thread the needle right through the star point and out the other side and cut off the thread flush with the edge. This will keep your thread end secure and tidy.

Glue the fairy wand into place

Before we glue the wand in place, I just want to share my newest toy – the SureBonder Mini Hot Glue Gun. Hubby brought me this for Christmas and I just love it. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but I’m really just so excited to have it, and if you don’t have one yet – you need one! It is perfect for felt crafts, has great precision compared to some of the gloopy blobby hot glue guns I’ve used in the past, and it can be used corded or cordless.

I’ve gone through a number of other glue guns before I brought this (and you can start to feel a bit mad buying glue gun after glue gun!) and I wish I had just started here. From now on, you’ll only see this one in my tutorials. 😍

Insert the dowling stick to finish off our DIY fairy wand and dab a little glue around the edges to hold it in place.

Now, normally I’d say – “and that’s it! A beautiful fairy wand to keep your princess busy making magic.” But I think there is one thing left for you to do. I’ve kept the fairy wand stick plain here, but there are heaps of options for adding even more sparkles. You could decorate the stick with a little glitter and glue, some washi tape, markers or paint, or even glue on some strips of fabric wound around the stick. I think decorating the stick might just be the most fun step!

DIY fairy wands in a range of colours.

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