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How to make these versatile felt alphabet letters

Felt alphabet letters are a fun addition to any display or room and are just so versatile. You can spell out special words – love, family, peace – on a bookshelf or mantlepiece, you could string up a holiday message – Merry Christmas! – or they are a great way for young kids to play with letters and learn to spell out their own name. And, like any felt project, you can choose your colour combination: pastel, bold, earthy, minimalist… whatever suits your aesthetic.

There’s also plenty of other ways to customise them. You can change the colour, size, style of lettering, stitch type and the contrast of thread colour.

Felt alphabet letters

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I’ve chosen a beautiful collection of autumnal colours, matched with a DMC thread colour (839) that will blend in with some of the colours and contrast brightly with others. It doesn’t show up well on the photos, but the brown felt I’ve chosen is a stunning mix of chocolate brown, copper flecks and navy. I am in love with it! 😍

This gorgeous brown felt has specks of copper and navy.

How to make felt alphabet letters

You don’t need too much to make these fun letters, no glue gun or sewing machine required here! You can make them with just felt, thread, a needle, scissors, a marker of sorts (I use fabric chalk) and the template. You’ll also need to know how to sew a blanket stitch. Check out this post if you don’t already know > New to felt craft? Learn these three basic stitches.

What you’ll need:

  • Felt in your choice of colour (I’ve used six autumnal colours, but you can use any number, including all the same colour)
  • Embroidery thread – I’ve used DMC thread in 839 (x4 skeins)
  • Alphabet letter template
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
  • Craft fill (this is optional – you can also stuff your letters with the felt offcuts).

Cut out your template and felt

To get started, print out the template. Print it out to ‘actual size’ rather than fitting it to the printable space. This template will give you letters around 3 and 1/2 inches tall. Cut out the letters you need – either the whole alphabet or just the letters you need for a particular name or word.

Then trace out two of each of the letters you’ll be using on to the felt with fabric chalk. Cut these out. To cut out the inner pieces, simply fold your felt in half and make a little snip either along one of your traced lines, or just right in the middle of the piece you are cutting out. Then you’ll be able to slip your scissors blade into the hole and go from there.

Once you have cut them out, place your two letters one on top of the other and check that they are roughly the same shape. You can trim them a little now if they don’t quite align.

Sewing and stuffing your felt alphabet letters

Sometimes when using embroidery thread, only some of the strands are used to give a more delicate look. Not for this! We want a thick, bold stitch.

Start with the inside edges of your felt letters

The first place to start your stitching will be any ‘inside’ edges. This will make the stuffing easier as we go. When you make your first stitch, it won’t sit quite as straight as the others, but that’s ok. When we come back around and finish up at our starting point, you can pick up that first stitch and pull it tight.

Continue stitching, keeping them even both in spacing and height. You absolutely don’t need to measure every stitch, but just to give you an idea of the size of my stitches I have measured them and they are around 5mm apart, and 4mm deep. If you don’t feel confident in making even stitches, you could use a disappearing ink pen and mark out where you want the stitches to be. When you are stitching on the curve, your stitches (where you put your needle in) can be ever so slightly wider apart so that at the base they are still similar spacing.

And then move on to the outside edges

Once you have stitched the inside edges, it time to start on the outside edges. Begin at one of the corners and stitch 1 to 2 cm along the edge. Depending on your shape, stop and stuff the stitched piece with a little stuffing. You can either use craft fill, or just the off cuts from your felt shape. Cut them up into tiny pieces so you can spread them out evenly. And that’s the pattern we’ll use – stitch a cm or two, and then fill the bit we’ve just stitched.

Tying off your thread at the end

When you get to the end, place your last stitch a standard stitch space from the first stitch. Then, use your needle to make a loop with the first stitch, and tie the two stitches (first and last) together with a single knot. A single knot will make sure that it’s not too bulky. As close to the knot as you can, thread the needle right between the two pieces of felt and out the other side. Cut the thread where it comes out the other side. This will keep your ends secure, tidy and invisible!

How to change your thread

If you haven’t estimated the length of your thread correctly, or you want to do the larger letters with two lengths of thread (this can help with unruly thread that knots easily!), you’ll need to change your thread partway through. On your next stitch, instead of taking the needle through both pieces of felt, just take it through one. Your needle and thread will now be between the two pieces of felt. Rather than pulling the thread firm, leave a little slack in it and tie off the thread.

Re-thread your needle with your next piece of thread. At the same point that you just pulled the thread through, begin with a starter stitch. This comes through just the front piece of felt first, and then back through both pieces (the same hole as where you tied off). When you pick up the loop from this stitch, also pick up the loop (which won’t be a loop yet – just a bit of slack in the stitch) from the last stitch. It’s as easy as that!

Variations you can make to your felt alphabet letters

With what I’ve shown you here, there are so many different ways to customise them to suit just what you want – felt colour, thread colour, size, shape, stitch type… the list is endless!

Change up the size of your letters

This template will make letters about 3 1/2 inches tall. You’ll see that once you have traced the outline onto your felt, the size gets a bit bigger. But once you have stitched it together and filled it with stuffing, it’ll shrink again, ending up the original size. So keep this in mind if you need your letters to be a specific size.

The size of your alphabet letter

Colour combinations

If your room has a colour theme, you could use felt in a matching colour. Or for a more subtle look you could use a white/natural felt with just the thread in the matching colour. Equally, you could use a dark grey felt with the thread in matching colours. For a kid’s room, I think it’d be fun to use rainbow colours (red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue), either in bright colours or in pastels.

If you are making christmas decorations, try a red, green and white combination. And for halloween you could use orange, purple and black.

If you don’t have a colour scheme to match, try two matching felt colours with two alternative thread colours. Like cream and hot pink, with a hot pink thread for the cream and a cream thread for the hot pink.

I hope you give these a try and love the final result!

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