Felt ball garland

Felt ball garland – a five minute craft

All garlands are lovely – but these felt ball garlands are especially colourful and on trend. Not to mention, so easy to make, just grab your needle and thread! They have endless styles – monochromatic for a modern look, pastel colours for a baby’s room and, of course, you can theme it up for any holiday or birthday party.

Felt ball garlands - a quick 5-minute craft.

Decide how you want your felt ball garland to look

The three main things you need to decide are: what colours you want to use, how big your felt balls will be and how long you want the garland to be. Or if you want to step it up a notch – let’s throw a fourth in there and add some extra decorations.

Colour scheme for your felt ball garland

You can choose anything from one single colour, a monochromatic range of colours (e.g., variations of white through grey to black), pastel, rainbow and anything in between. This is where the fun is, and anything goes! And of course, if you are making this for a particular holiday, you’ll want to tie it in with the colour scheme from any other decorations you’re using.

The size of your felt balls

If you’re buying felt balls pre-made, they most commonly come anywhere from one to four cms. Today I’ve used two cm balls. Although, you could equally use the size of the ball as part of the style – check out these bigger felt balls that would make an awesome jumbo-sized garland.

Change up the size of your balls for a more interesting felt ball garland.

Alternatively, if you’re making your own felt balls, the sky is the limit. Make them whatever size suits your project.

The length of the garland

The length of your project will depend largely on where you are putting it. Allow for the garland to be hooked up a few times along the length and have a nice shallow loop in between. You’ll also need to add some extra length in for the loops at the end.

Jazz it up with extra decorations

Standard felt balls are definitely enough to pull off a gorgeous, simple decoration but you can always add a little extra. You can buy other felt shapes to add to the look (think hearts and stars), or you could add the odd wooden bead instead. Metallic beads add a great sparkle. Check out paper and pallet’s lemon theme felt ball kit or these gorgeous jungle-themed wooden beads.

This is what you’ll need:

  • felt balls (I’ve used 40 balls, in five complimentary shades ranging from white, through grey, tan and blue)
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • string / thread (I’m using embroidery thread/floss)
  • needle
You'll need felt balls, a ruler, scissors, needle and thread.

So before you get started, there’s just a little math to figure out.

  1. Decide how spaced out you want to place your balls
  2. Add that amount to the width of your balls
  3. Divide the length of garland you want by this number (not including the extra tails for creating loops)
  4. This how many balls you’ll need!

As I mentioned, I’ve used 2 cm balls. I decided to keep the gap in between the same size as the balls (so another 2 cms). I want the garland about 160-170 cm to hang below a bookshelf, so I divide 160 by 4 and get 40… so I need 40 balls. If you wanted the same length but only had, say, 30 balls, just space them out a little further.

That’s the hard bit done! Stringing up your felt balls is the easy part.

How to make you felt ball garland

Tie a loop on one end (or just a knot if you don’t want to hang it from loops), thread your needle onto the other end and start threading on the balls. If you find the balls are moving too easily on the thread, you can either knot them on or use a small dot of hot glue to keep them in place. With these small balls and the embroidery floss, I didn’t find they moved around too much.

Use your ruler to make sure the spacing is even, or just eyeball it. Once you have finished you can thread any loose ends back through the ball on the end to hide it (just thread it through tightly, cut it flush and then give it a wee smoosh around until you can’t see the end). And that’s it! Less than 5 minutes? Depends on how long your planning stage takes I reckon!

A finished felt ball garland.

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