DIY Felt Frangipani Flowers

How to make this easy felt Frangipani (Plumeria) flower

This felt frangipani is a great project to do with the kids. They may need a little help with the hot glue gun to put it all together, but they can have fun cutting out their petals and decorating them however they like. Frangipani flowers range from deep crimson to pale pink, white and yellow to orange. I’ve used cream felt with yellow colouring pencils for a traditional tropical look. Frangipani flowers are known for hanging around for a long time – months rather than weeks – but these little beauties will last you forever.

A close-up photo of pink frangipani flowers.
Photo by Andrew Jooste on Unsplash

And there are so many fun ways to show them off. You can pop them on a stem and place a bunch in a vase, sit several individual ones around a decorative setting, glue them on to a hair tie or clip or make a handful and put them together on a lei. To take it up a notch, place a few drops of frangipani fragrance oil in the middle and you’ll feel like you’re on holiday every day!

A finished felt frangipani flower.

How to make a felt frangipani flower

These flowers are so simple, you could just draw your own petal shape, cut out, decorate and glue. But if you prefer to use a template you can download my free frangipani template here → felt frangipani template.

What you’ll need:

  • Felt sheets in your colour of choice (I’ve used cream)
  • Colouring pencils (or crayons, chalks or felts)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Flower stalks if you are putting them in a vase

Cut out the petals

If you are making these free hand, draw the shape of your first petal onto the felt with a fabric chalk or disappearing ink pen. Cut out the first petal and then use that as a guide for the remaining four petals. One of the beautiful things about frangipani flowers (and most flowers for that matter!) is the absolute uniformness of the petals – they all look identical – so try and get your petals matching.

If you are using the template, the best way to do this is cut a rough rectangle around each petal and pin these to your felt. The smaller the rectangle the less fabric you’ll waste in between each petal. And then simple cut around the petal outline, through both the paper and felt at the same time. If you are really short on fabric, you could also cut out petals out of the paper template and pin these on to your felt. Just make sure the paper is sitting flush around the edges (you can hold it down with your fingers), so you still get that perfectly even petal shape.

Decorate the frangipani petals

It’s time to add some colour! I’m using colouring pencils, but you really can use anything you have on hand. Check out my frangipani with pastels at the bottom of this post.

The flowers tend to have a yellow centre, that fades as it reaches out to the ends of the petals. Some centres are brighter than others, so you could start with an orange, or even a darker yellow, and blend into a lighter yellow shade.

First, let’s create the famous frangipani curl

Now, heat up your glue gun and you’ll be surprised how quickly they come together. The first step is the fiddliest, and you could leave it out if you need to. To get the little curl in each petal, we are just going to glue down the edge of the left side of each petal. Make the fold in a nice straight line from the bottom of the petal, to roughly the widest point of the petal. And make the glue line about two thirds of the way up, so from the base to two thirds of the way towards the widest point. Leaving the last third free will allow the fold to naturally uncurl.

Glue the petals together

Once you have made the folds on each petal, glue the second petal onto the first petal (and so on). Line up the edges so they fit snuggly against each other. When you get to the fifth petal, place your line of glue and roll the flower up so that the first petal can tuck in.

The last step is to gently fold the petals out and over, so they are sitting where you’d like them to be and place a small blob of glue between each petal to hold them in place. If you are using flower stems, slide one down through the middle now and add a little glue if you need. And voilà! All done. How easy was that?!

Having fun with colour!

I had a lot of fun testing out different colours and used these pastels for a more vibrant finish. This pack was a random set of chalk pastels I brought years ago to colour my hair (when hair chalk was all the fashion!), but it was super drying, so they’ve just been sitting on the shelf. I think they may have just found a new use.

Have fun turning your house into a tropical paradise!

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