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Make these easy Lavender stems – they’re almost better than the real thing!

If you’re new to felt crafts, these easy Lavender stems are a great place to start. They are really straightforward, no templates or printables required! You just need a sheet of felt and a steady hand with the hot glue gun. They only take a few minutes to make and can be used for all sorts of projects. Of course, you can pop a bundle in a vase or string them up to look like dried Lavender. But with these bendable wire stems you could also wind them into a floral wreath, around the edge of a photo frame or even make mini ones to add a little something extra to your gift wrapping!

How to make a felt Lavender stem

What you’ll need:

Gather your supplies for the felt Lavender stems.

Cut a felt strip for the Lavender stem

I cannot stress just how easy these are! Simply start by cutting out a strip of felt one inch wide by ten inches long. I’m using white fabric chalk to measure out by size before cutting. Then we are going to fold it in half – lengthways – and glue into place. Because the felt is thick and won’t necessarily stay folded, just do a little bit at a time.

Run a thin line of glue one or two inches along the edge, fold over and hold firm while it dries, then move on. The only thing to be careful of at this stage is not to use too much glue. If it spreads inside the fold, it will make the next step of making small snips a little harder.

Trim the ‘petals’

Using the tip of your scissors, make small snips along the folded edge (not the glued edge). These cuts should be about two thirds to three quarters in towards the glued edge and are just a few millimeters apart. Do this the whole length of the felt strip.

Twist and glue the Lavender stem

To start assembling your Lavender stem, dab a little hot glue on the base of the first petal and secure it to the top of the floral wire stem. It doesn’t matter whether you start with the left edge or the right, whichever feels comfortable to you. Roll the wire stem in your hand to wrap the next few petals around the first and add another small dab of glue to secure in place.

Now we are going to change the angle of the felt strip so that as we twist the stem it is wrapping around at a 45° angle (see photos below). Again, run a little glue along a small portion of the edge (this will be the previously glued edge now), and twist the wire stem in your hand to wrap the petals around the stem. Continue until all the petals are wrapped and glued.

How easy was that? You may need to fluff out your petals a little, but they do tend to look great straight away.

Display your finished Lavender stems

If you want to display these just like a real bundle of Lavender stems, simply tie a bunch of them together with some ribbon or twine and hang them up or pop them in a cute vase.

Tie your Lavender stems together with a ribbon to hang up.

Or try out mini Lavender stems!

If you’re interested in making these stems for gift wrapping, you can make the stems a little smaller. Here are some mini Lavender stems I’ve made – the initial felt strip is between 4 and 5 inches long, and 0.75 of an inch wide and I’ve used a thinner wire (22 gauge). Otherwise, they are exactly the same to make. These are perfect for friends with allergies or if you are sending the gift parcel through the post. They won’t get battered or bruised!

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