Felt nursery decorations

Create beautiful nursery decorations when you’re in a rush

These felt nursery decorations are so quick and easy to make, even for the most novice crafter, but they look fabulous and are sure to impress! Using printed cotton immediately gives them a professional look, and the scribble quilting means you don’t need to be able to sew a straight (or perfectly curved!) line. They are versatile too – you could hang them off the furniture or use them as bunting. They’d even look cute on the Christmas tree!

A finished nursery decoration.

I made this set of four in under an hour, and they are the perfect gift for a baby shower when you’re running late. I already had the grey felt and twine lying around, so I just needed to buy some cute, printed cotton (which I’m a little obsessed with, so hardly a chore).

The cotton print I’ve used here is grey, black and white so it worked well with the grey felt. But if your cotton has a different colour scheme, or your nursery already has a colour theme, you may want to use a different coloured felt.

Instructions for nursery decorations

What you’ll need:

  • Felt in preferred colour (I’m using grey)
  • Printed cotton drill (you really only need a small amount, just check the repeat and that you are getting all of the images you need)*
  • Twine – I’ve used black here, but you could use natural twine, or even ribbon
  • Circle stencils – 6cm, 7cm and 10cm in diameter. If you don’t have stencils, use anything handy around the house. I’ve used a glass cup, jar and bowl from the kitchen
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • White fabric chalk
  • Sewing machine threaded with white cotton

*Because we are using such a small piece of fabric, it doesn’t matter too much what kind you use. I’ve used a cotton drill ‘Tribe Animals’ from my local Spotlight store. Plain printed cotton, cotton drill or upholstery will all work fine. I also thought this autumn cartoon pattern with the owl, squirrel and hedgehog would be perfect for this project, or if you’re more of an Etsy shopper, this Christmas woodland animal print is also gorgeous (I just love the moose in his jersey and scarf!). For a retro look, you could repurpose something from a second-hand shop.

There’s not too much to these instructions – just cut, pin and sew! Let’s get into it.

Cut out the circles for your decorations

Using your largest circle stencils or round objects (seriously, just whatever is on hand), trace two circles onto the felt and cut out. Then take your smallest stencil and trace a circle in the middle of just one of those. Cut it out – it’ll look a bit like a picture frame now. Lastly, use the middle-sized stencil to cut out one of the images from your printed cotton. Using a glass object makes it easier to line up the image in the middle.

Pin the pieces together

Take the whole felt piece and lay the cotton image on top. Next, place the cut-out piece of felt on top of that. Measure and cut a 20 cm piece of twine (or ribbon, if that’s what you are using). Place the two ends of the twine in between the pieces of felt and pin in place. Using a couple more pins, pin the rest of the decoration together.

Sew the nursery decorations together

Sew your nursery decoration together with a rough line.
Sew everything together with a rough, scribble stitch.

So, there is a little more to it than just messy sewing. But I promise, it’s still very easy! It’s one continuous line, and here are some of the things you’ll want to think about:

  • Mix up your angles – sometimes you’ll just be sewing a flat or sharper curve by maneuvering your fabric, and sometimes you’ll actually lift the foot (with your needle in the fabric) and turn the fabric to change tact with even more angle.
  • Cross over the lines occasionally, this will give more of a messy scribble look than a slowly spirally inward look.
  • Your sewing line serves two purposes. The first is decoration, the second is to join everything together! Make sure you have covered the outer edge, the inner edge and have the twine sewn in firmly.
  • You are aiming for roughly twice around the outer edge and twice around the inner edge.
You can hang these nursery decorations like bunting.
You can hang these on furniture, like the back of the door or off a shelf, or you could hang it like bunting.

Looking for more woodland animal ideas?

If you want to keep the woodland animal theme going why not check out these felt animal masks? You can make our grumpy brown bear, the wise owl, a dainty deer or savvy Mr Fox.

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