The Flask Mask and Cape

“The Flash” mask + cape – easy DIY instructions and free template

Dress ups are such a fun way to spend an afternoon and these superhero masks and capes are here to save the day! The Flash mask and cape is an easy pattern to follow so you could even add to the fun and get the kids to make it themselves. They may just need a little help with the sewing machine. This is also a great activity for when you have a bigger age range amongst the kids.

How to make the Flash’s mask and cape

What you’ll need for your mask and cape:

  • Three sheets of felt in red, yellow and white
  • Red fleece (you could also use felt for the cape), 75cm long by 50cm wide
  • “The Flash” superhero mask and cape template
  • Scissors
  • Black soft (knitted, not woven) elastic, 56cm in total
  • Pins, ruler and fabric chalk
  • Sewing machine – with red thread.

Making the mask – “The Flash”

Print out the template at 100%, or to ‘fit the paper’ (rather than to fit the printable area). To cut out your pieces, you can either fold the felt in half and just cut once, or you can pin the paper template on twice and cut separate pieces. Either way works just fine. Cut two lots of felt for each piece – use the red felt for the face mask and the larger flash, and yellow felt for the smaller flash.

Next you need to cut a length of elastic. You can measure your child’s head to get the best fit or, if that’s not possible, I measure 34cm for a fairly standard fit. Fits the kids and it (almost) fits me! I always use a soft knitted elastic; this type stretches the easiest. Basically, just don’t choose woven. It’s too firm and for a mask that will get hours of use, you need something that your child will forget they are even wearing.

Pin the elastic on each side, in between the two face pieces. Place about 1cm in between the face pieces so you’ll be sure to catch it in the seam when you sew around the mask. And that’s the next step – sew around the edge of the mask, a few mm’s in from the edge.

Cutting out the eye holes

Place the paper template back on top of the mask and, using fabric chalk, mark out the eye holes. Next, we’ll sew around the outside of the mark, just a mm or two larger than the line. Once you the eyes have been sewn you can cut out the eye hole. Fold it in half through the middle of the eye and make a little snip first. This will allow you to put your scissor blade through the hole and cut out from the inside.

"The Flash" mask.

Adding the flash symbol

The final step in making our Flash mask is to pin on the “flashes” and sew them in place. Take a look at the photo to see where to place them, with the smaller yellow flash on top. Then sew along the inside of the yellow flash, creating another zig zag with your red thread. Obviously, only half of the flash symbol will be attached to the mask so take care as you come back around that the mask isn’t folding under or anything.

Making the Flash’s cape

First, we’ll prepare the Flash emblem

Take the second page of the template and cut out the shapes. The larger circle will be yellow, as well as the zig zag shape. The smaller circle will be white. So, pin each paper template onto the felt and cut out.

Place the smaller circle on top of the larger circle and sew just inside the edge of the smaller circle. Put the zig zag aside for a minute, and we’ll move on to the cape.

Next, cut the cape into shape

Take your piece of fleece, and if it hasn’t already been cut to size, cut a rectangle 75cm long by 50cm wide. Fold it in half lengthways and mark out 20cm along the top edge from the fold. From this mark, draw a straight line to the bottom outer corner. Cut along this line and discard the excess fabric.

Pin the emblem in the middle of the cape, approximately 30cm from the top (but really just “in the middle” is what we’re going for here). Sew the emblem in place making the stitch line just inside the edge of the yellow, larger circle. If you manage to start and end these lines at either the top or the bottom, they will be covered over by the zig zag and make it look a little neater.

And lastly, sew on the emblem and elastic

Pin the zig zag over the top of the emblem and sew this into place. You’ll sew just inside the edge of the zig zag, mirroring the shape.

The last step is to fix the elastic to the top corners of the cape. Measure 22 cm of the soft elastic and pin each end on to the inside top corners. The overlap should be about 2cm. Sew these in place with a square stitch line. Make sure there is plenty of overlap, so that with any pulling on and off there isn’t too much strain on a small area. This will spread out any tension and extend the life of the cape.

This mask and cape will make a great birthday or Christmas gift for young family members and is great to have on hand for daycare or school dress up days.

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