Woodland animal fox mask

Make this felt woodland animal masks – “The Fox” (+ free template)

This fox felt mask and his woodland animal friends are a great option for encouraging your kids’ imagination and creativity. They work well for a wide range of ages and personalities, plus they make gorgeous handmade gifts as well! Kids will play with these for hours (just make sure to follow my tips below).

Have fun playing woodland animals with these easy felt masks.

Getting started!

You’ll need to choose your foxy colours, gather supplies and print off the Woodland Animal Masks – the “Fox” template. When you are printing, make sure to print full size (“actual size”) on A4, or your mask will come out a little smaller. You’ll know you’ve got it right if there’s about 5mm between the edge of the paper and the border.

What you’ll need:

  • Three different coloured felt sheets
  • Woodland Animal Mask – the Fox template
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabric chalk pencil
  • Soft elastic, 20mm by about 32-36cm (measure your child’s head for a good fit, but if it’s a gift, or you ‘re unable to, stick with 34cm)
  • Pins
  • Either hot glue gun or fabric glue

Gather your supplies for the fox mask

Cut your template pieces and felt

Cut out the separate pieces from the paper template and pin them to the felt. Make sure you take note of how many pieces of each you need. With most felt you won’t need to worry about reversing the template for the second side, but if your felt has an obvious right sight (and wrong side!), then do. Note that at this point we are not cutting out the eyes in the felt – that’ll come later.

Pro tip #1 – Once you have cut out the paper face, hold it up to your child’s face to see if the eye cutouts are placed well. If it doesn’t fit well you can either trim a strip out of the middle and tape it back together, or similarly, you can cut down the middle of the face and tape in some extra paper if you need it wider. It will make the world of difference to whether the mask is played with for hours on end or thrown into the toy box to gather dust.

Pin the mask together

Starting with the ears, pin each inner ear on top of the outer ear, the fluffy bits will both point outwards. Sew around the edge of the inner ear, not worrying too much about the baseline as this will get sewn in later. Next, place the ears on top of the back face piece.

Now, cut your elastic to size. Measure it around your child’s head if you can, otherwise just stick with 34cm. With soft, stretchy elastic it can be quite forgiving!

Place the end of the elastic just inside (about 0.5cm) the edge of the second face piece (the back of the face). The idea is to have it roughly in the middle so that it pulls evenly across the mask, but you also want it across the top of what will be your eye cut-outs. If it’s perfectly in the middle of these it will pull the eyes shut a little and the little ones will be squinting!

Take the second face piece and place it on top and pin everything into place. Usually where we have two of the same pieces, you might flip one to make sure they are mirrored, but you don’t wat to for the face pieces. You want the spikey fur at the top to line up nicely.

Then sew it together

Then sew the two pieces together, making sure to catch both the ears in the seamline and check that the elastic is not twisted.

Sew and cut the eye holes for the fox mask

Place the paper face template back over the mask and trace out the eye holes. Don’t cut them just yet! Sew around the outside of each eye hole, just a mm or two outside the line. Once you have done this, cut out the eye hole. It’s easier doing it this way, rather than cutting first and then sewing, you are less likely to make a mistake.

Finishing touches for your fox mask – whiskers, eyebrows and the nose

Next, pin the whiskers in place. These will overhang below the cheeks a bit, and be close enough together so that when the nose is placed in the middle, they are both slightly covered by the nose. Sew the whiskers in place following the images below.

To glue on the eyebrows and nose you can use either a hot glue gun or just fabric glue. The nose sits a little higher than the whiskers and will cover the inside edge of both whiskers. Lastly, glue the eyebrows high and wide. This will give a friendly face to your fox mask!

These foxes like to roam in packs, but they are friendly too, so you can add to the fun by making the rest of the gang! You can find instructions for Fox’s friends here:

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