Felt deer mask

Feeling a little wild? Make these cute deer masks for some woodland fun

Felt is such an easy medium to use for these cute woodland animal masks. Not only will they entertain your kids for hours, but they can join in the making too! This felt deer mask is beginner friendly and takes no time at all to put together. It does need a little adult supervision, depending on your child’s age, but that just makes for a fun project to work on together.

Felt deer mask

Making your felt deer mask

What you’ll need:

  • Felt sheets in four different colours – I’ve used two shades of brown, black, and a ‘natural’ shade (off-white)
  • Deer mask pattern
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (or you can use fabric glue)
  • Fabric chalk
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine with dark brown or black thread
  • Soft elastic, 20mm by about 32-36cm (measure your child’s head for a good fit, but if it’s a gift, or you ‘re unable to, stick with 34cm)
The tools you'll need for the felt deer mask.

Getting started

This deer mask was the first one I created in this woodland animal series, and she is still my favourite! The folded ears and delicate eyebrows give a sweet look, and the wide-open eyes ensure your child won’t be squinting to see! Just to be sure though, I recommend cutting out the paper mask template and placing it over your child’s face to make sure it will fit well. It’s easy to adjust at this stage and I’ve seen so many masks with narrow eyes, or strange angles it makes me wonder if anyone actually plays with them.

If the eyes are too wide apart for your wee one, cut out a sliver down the middle and tape back together. If they are not wide enough, cut the mask in half and add a strip of paper down the middle.

Print and cut your template

Print the template using the ‘actual size’ option. If you print it ‘fit to printable area’ it will make it a little smaller than intended. Then cut out each of the shapes on the template. Each face piece will tell you how many of each you need, and when you are cutting them out it doesn’t matter which side of the felt you are cutting because there is no right or wrong side (unless you are using a patterned felt – in which case make sure you flip the template between each piece for the ears, antlers and eyebrows).

Sewing the deer mask

Prepare the ears ready for the mask

Before we sew the mask together, we need to prep the ears. Place the inner ear on top of the outer ear (make sure your outer ears are mirrored so you have one for the left and one for the right). Now sew them together, a few millimeters inside the edge of the inner ear. One edge of the outer ear will be sticking out wide – fold this in and pin in place for the next step.

Sewing the felt mask together

Pin the ears and antlers to the top of the first face piece (this will be the back of the face). Next, pin the edge of the elastic to the side of the mask, with about 0.5 cm overlapping. Ideally, the elastic will line up with the top of the eye cutouts. If it’s too low it might pull across the middle of the eyes and make them a bit squinty.

Place the second face piece over top and pin in place. Sew around the edge of the face pieces, making sure the elastic isn’t twisted and the ears and antlers are sewn in well. Once the mask has been sewn together, pin the two nose pieces in the middle of the face and sew around the outline of the ‘top of the nose’, catching the smaller black nose into the stitches.

Create the eye holes

Take the paper template and cut out the eyes. Place this over top of the mask and mark out the eyes with fabric chalk (or a ballpoint pen if you don’t have chalk handy). Sew around the eyes, just a little wider than the marked outline and then carefully cut out the eyes. Don’t cut too close to the stitch line!

Final touches for the felt deer mask

Ready for the final touches? Heat up your glue gun, and when it’s ready, simply glue the spots and eyebrows in to place.

If you loved making this mask, why not make the whole woodland gang! You can find the other patterns here:

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